Maine Wind Facts

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  Economic Facts About Ocean and Wind Power in Maine:

Maine’s abundant natural wind and ocean resources are economic drivers and position the state as a leader in renewable energy. Local development of technology and expertise throughout the supply chain are creating
exportable expertise and services.

  • $547 M Total Annual Company Revenues
  • $337 M Total Revenues generated by W&O
  • 59% Percent of work performed in Maine
  • 41% Percent of work performed outside of Maine
  • 3659 Total company employees in Maine
  • 959 Employees active in W&O
  • 35% Percent of employee time devoted to W&O
*MOWII/E2Tech Fall 2012 Survey. Data represents 49 companies responding from a sample of 120 Maine companies participating in W&O projects. The actual economic and job impacts are likely much higher.


Wind energy projects have afforded us the opportunity to put a good number of talented Maine people to work over the span of the last few years. We see the move toward renewable energy technology as a positive step toward sustainable job creation as well as energy independence.
         Scott Cram
Operations Manager
           Larkin Enterprises, Inc.
           Lincoln, Maine


Kibby foundation grounding crew.
Photo courtesy of Larkin Enterprises, Inc.

Maine’s natural resources develop and support human resources and local expertise that are growing in demand as export products to active national and international markets. Local professional and technical expertise in the wind and ocean energy sector helps generate income for Maine companies and their employees.