A conversation with outgoing Gov. John Baldacci

Posted Nov. 19, 2010, at 11:04 p.m.

...Baldacci’s interest in working on energy issues post-governor is no secret. He has made development of renewable energy — particularly wind energy — a major focal point of his administration even before the oil crisis of 2008 when “going green” became a national trend.

The administration enacted rules to expedite the regulatory review process for land-based wind farms — much to the dismay of the industry’s critics and some landowners — and has also sought to streamline the permitting process for projects that tap into the winds and tides in the Gulf of Maine to produce electricity.

The Baldacci administration has touted the use of biomass energy and invested large sums in household and commercial weatherization projects.

“I want us to maximize those resources so that we can become more energy dependent on our own resources and not dependent on others, and I think that’s what our country needs to do more of,” Baldacci said.

“I’m very passionate about that and I care about that. So I would imagine wherever I’m located I will try to continue to espouse those themes.”