An Update on the Maine Ocean Energy Pilot Project

From Paul Williamson

I recently met with the Maine Public Utility Commission to discuss the current development of the Maine 25MW Offshore Wind and Tidal Energy Pilot project. They were able to provide the following information on the progress of the project. 

The Maine PUC issued a request for proposals for offshore wind energy pilot projects and tidal energy demonstration projects September 2010.  The Maine PUC received serious bids from wind and tidal developers on May 1, 2011 and the Maine PUC staff has been involved in evaluating these proposals and meeting with bidders throughout the summer.   

Although the specific terms of the bids and the identities of the bidders are considered confidential at this time, the Maine PUC staff is continuing to work with the bidders to refine the details of the proposals and the pricing with the intention of developing term sheets for consideration by the full Commission.  The MPUC process is moving forward with the expectation that, by year end, the MPUC will be in a position to formally consider proposal term sheets and identify any proposals and developers with whom the PUC staff will proceed with long-term power purchase contract negotiations.