Maine Wind and Ocean energy news wrap up Novermber - December 2012

Wind farms generating revenue in small towns 
Three New England farms on track to begin operations before the end of the year promise to bring clean energy, tax revenue, and jobs to economically hard-hit regions
First Wind Dedicates Bull Hill Renewable Energy Project 
First Wind, an independent U.S.-based wind energy company, today announced that construction of its 34 megawatt (MW) Bull Hill Wind project has been completed and commercial operations have begun. Located on the ridges of Bull Hill and Heifer Hill in Hancock County, Maine, the project features 19 1.8 MW wind turbines that have the capacity to generate enough clean energy to power nearly 18,000 homes.
Snowmobile trails would link Maine wind farms
Maine snowmobilers love to have destinations for their wintertime rides, and they are working with the wind power industry on a plan to link perhaps 10 of the state's wind farms with 600 miles of trails in a unique addition to Maine's outdoor tourism menu.
First Wind looking to expand in Hancock County 
Now that it has brought its new, 19-turbine Bull Hill Wind project online in eastern Hancock County, First Wind is looking to expand its presence nearby.
UMaine’s Offshore Wind lab sports 70m/230-ft testing … and more 
The Offshore Wind Laboratory’s new wind turbine blade test lab, part of a 38,700-ft² (3,595m²) expansion of the University of Maine’s (UMaine) AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center (Orono, Maine), was first announced in February 2009. Construction of the lab began in earnest during summer 2010. The lab was completed in late November 2011, the equipment was calibrated and tested, and commercial clients were able to use its services beginning in spring of this year. The lab received certification in August 2012.
Wind Turbine Delivered To Northern Maine Community College
The largest and most expensive teaching tool ever purchased by Northern Maine Community College is being delivered to the campus on Wednesday, November 28 as part of the wind power program.
A used wind turbine, which previously operated in Denmark, was loaded on a ship earlier this month bound for Presque Isle via the port in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The turbine is a 12-year-old Vestas V-25 200 kW* nacelle assembly, which will be used to train students on operation practices for community-size wind turbines.
Maine wind energy significantly cuts global warming pollution 
Wind Energy in Maine has cut global warming pollution by over 400,000 metric tons, it has been announced.
Environment Maine found that the state's current power generation from wind energy equates to 403,000 metric tons of carbon pollution not being pumped into the air each year.
Industry expert talks wind issues 
There is a lot up in the air right now for wind energy production off the coast of Maine.
Maine Wind Industry Initiative (MWII) Director Paul Williamson took some time out of his busy schedule last week to talk about the issues affecting wind energy development in Maine.
Moscow looks over package of benefits from First Wind 
The Boston developer says it is 'looking seriously at developing a project in the Bingham area.'
The town is looking at a benefits package from a wind power developer as part of a project involving installation of turbines on hills in Bingham and extending into Mayfield and Blanchard townships and Kingsbury Plantation.