Me Wind & Ocean News Wrap up for August 2013


Ocean Renewable wins $5M in federal energy grants
Tidal energy company Ocean Renewable Power Co. of Portland won two Department of Energy grants of a total of 17 awards offered, U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree said yesterday.
The two grants, totaling nearly $5 million, will further help Ocean Renewable develop its TidGen Power System technology, company President Chris Sauer said in a press release.
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Hearing on Passadumkeag Mountain wind farm tax district set for Tuesday
A public hearing was held Aug. 20, on a proposed Tax Increment Financing District for a 14-turbine wind  project  to be built on Passadumkeag Mountain.
The project was approved Aug. 1 by the Maine Board of Environmental Protection.
The developers, Penobscot Forest and Passadumkeag Wind park last year sought a TIF from the county through Eastern Maine Development Corp. In July 2012, Penobscot County commissioners put off a decision on creating a TIF until the project had been given the go-ahead from the BEP.
If approved, the agreement between commissioners and developers would put an estimated $9.145 million into the county’s coffers over a 30-year period.
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They're Here! BOEM Report Corroborates Belief That Bats Frequent Offshore Environment
A recently released report for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), however, is helping the environmental research community get over that hump. The report shares the methodology and results from three years of detecting bats in offshore environments off the New England coast, revealing a somewhat surprising finding: bats are active offshore.
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Global Wind Energy Blows Away Outdated Expectations
Total wind energy capacity reached 280 gigawatts by the end of last year, when a record 44 gigawatts were installed worldwide….
Offshore wind is nothing new. The first turbines were installed in 1991 in Denmark. Up until recently, however, installation costs and capacity prices have stunted their growth across the globe. The first offshore floating wind turbine for the United States officially debuted earlier in June off the coast of Maine. The Castine offshore wind project will be operated by the University of Maine, and it will be used to design and implement better offshore turbines in the future.
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Maine’s Tidal Power Test Center Gaining Interest (USA)
Maine Maritime Academy’s Tidal Energy Demonstration and Evaluation Center (TEDEC) in Castine is becoming ever more interesting to overseas companies, which want to test their tidal power technology.
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New Study Debunks Myth That Wind Turbines Hurt U.S. Home Property Values
Despite what many anti-wind groups may claim, wind farms in the U.S. have no impact on nearby residential property values, according to a new report from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).
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