Maine Wind & Ocean Energy News Round up for Nov-Dec 2013

 Maine offshore wind project could create 340 jobs, $120 million in investment

Building the first phase of a floating wind-power project off Maine’s coast would create as many as 341 jobs and trigger at least $120 million in investment, with half of it going to Maine-based companies, according to a draft power-purchase contract to be filed Wednesday with the state.
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Moratorium on new wind energy projects in Jonesport defeated
JONESPORT, Maine — A divided gathering of voters for a special town meeting narrowly defeated a proposed temporary moratorium on new wind energy projects in the coastal fishing village Tuesday evening.
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Maine wind, Canadian hydro, natural gas: Are the stars aligning for a bright energy future in New England?
It’s the latest way of thinking about New England’s energy future: Each state has something the others need. Maine has wind resources and the space for turbines. Southern New England has the demand for renewable energy.
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Owner of 5 Maine wind farms refinances $385 million debt, says transaction reflects confidence in renewable energy market
After a false start earlier this year, Northeast Wind, the joint venture between First Wind and Halifax-based Emera that now owns five wind farms in Maine, has successfully refinanced its $385 million in debt.
“I think the transaction demonstrates there is a high level of confidence in First Wind, our operating projects in Maine and the Northeast, and in our joint venture with Emera,” Lamontagne wrote in an email to the Bangor Daily News.
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First Wind grows by aiming low
First Wind, just over a decade old, has prospered by following an unconventional strategy that often avoids towering ridgelines, instead building at lower elevations and taking advantage of technological advances that allow turbines to generate electricity at lower wind speeds.
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County Commissioners Look Into TIF For Proposed Wind Turbine Projects
County Commissioners met with attorney Erik Stumfell to learn more about the Tax Increment Financing law in the state of Maine on Monday. The reason they’re so curious, is because they’re looking into doing TIFs with a few proposed wind farm projects happening in the county – one in Oakfield, and the other at number nine mountain in unorganized territory just west of Bridgewater.
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Maine high court dismisses wind farm lawsuit
The Maine Supreme Judicial Court has dismissed a lawsuit against a wind energy company over its northern Maine wind farm.
The supreme court last week upheld the decision by a lower court judge to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Michael Gosselin of Mars Hill against Boston-based First Wind.
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Report: Maine Benefiting from Wind Power
The report released by the group Environment Maine indicates that wind energy in Maine has prevented more than 534,000 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.
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Nova Scotia drives industrial-scale tidal energy development with new feed-in tariff
Nova Scotia has taken another world-leading step in establishing a market for tidal energy with a feed-in-tariff (FIT) covering the first array power plants. The Bay of Fundy tides have long been an amazing prospect for energy generation, but with today’s decision by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, the business of making that energy a reality has been launched. The Nova Scotia Government is targeting a 15-20MW capacity for this phase of the industry development.
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