Pika powers high school near Houston and appears on on 'Living the Country Life'

The new Career and Technical High School in Pasadena, Texas was looking for a leading-edge wind turbine to use as a learning tool on wind power technology. Earlier this month, Axium Solar installed a Pika T701 wind turbine on a 60-foot tower next to the school. Wind industry jobs are growing quickly in Texas, which leads the country in total installed wind generating capacity.    The new installation will is part of a workforce development opportunity. Students will be able to analyze performance of the Pika turbine through Pika's REview monitoring.

Pika Hybrid System owners Tracy Wilkerson and Pete Hedden were recently interviewed for the nationally-broadcast radio program 'Living the Country Life' about their experiences building their own home and living self-sufficiently in the Maine mountains. Powering their home with a combination of wind and solar has allowed their family to drastically reduce their electric bill, while taking advantage of their property's unique wind resource.
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