Abeking and Rasmussen Explores building wind vessels with Maine Yards


Representatives from the renowned German shipbuilder Abeking and Rasmussen toured 7 Maine shipbuilding yards last week. The tour is part of a strategy to introduce new wind service vessels to the US market that qualify under the Jones Act laws.

A&R has developed advanced SWATH vessels that are capable of operating in high sea states while remaining very stable. This is extremely important development for the global offshore wind market. Wind technician crews need to be able to safely access offshore wind facilities during rough weather. It is also important that they do not get seasick during the journey.

The A&R SWATH vessel looks somewhat like a power catamaran, however buoyancy is provided by two subsea pontoons that do not react to the surface conditions of the wind. The initial model being considered for the US market is 25 meters and is also suitable for other markets such as pilot vessels, patrol boats and other ocean energy service.

The tour was arranged in partnership with the Maine Wind Industry Initiative and the Maine International Trade Center. MWII also recently published a wind service vessel market report for Maine boat builders.

A&R was pleased with the presented capabilities of the Maine builders and are continuing discussions to explore effective partnerships with the goal of entering the US market soon.