MWII Does Wind Blade Education Workshop for Thornton Academy High School & Hampton Academy 6th Graders.

 Paul Williamson & Elyse Doyle from MWII visited Thornton Academy in Saco, ME & Hampton Academy in Hampton, NH this week to present a workshop about wind energy and wind blades to an estimated 100 kids in total.

The initial part of the presentations began with Paul first presenting the problems the United States is facing with a dwindling supply of energy resources that other nations are also looking to utilize, and went on to discuss how wind energy is a great alternative. Most of his presentations were based on the actual wind blades themselves and how they work.

This lead into the second part of their workshop where they had students create their own wind blade designs based off of what Paul had discussed about their shaped, and how an airfoil is needed to be created in order to get the blades to spin. The students were urged to be creative and think about what would work best. Paul and his intern Elyse helped guide the students in the process of creating their foam wind blades by cutting them, and sanding them down with butter knives and sand paper. After the students were done Paul and Elyse set up fans and tested the students’ designs to help them discover which designs, and at what angles worked best.
The 6th graders at Hampton Academy, and the highschoolers at Thornton Academy both seemed to be really engaged with the presentation and workshop. They were incredibly excited when they got their wind blades to spin, and also seeing how fast some of them could go! They definitely learned a tremendous amount from the activity and it was overall a fun and educational workshop for everyone!